Hi, I'm Maura.

Thanks for coming to my sweet corner of the internet! After eating ice cream nearly every day for 30 years, I've learned a thing or two about butterfat and have developed an eye for flavor profiles. Always experimenting in the kitchen, I studied the culinary arts throughout high school and contemplate a more formal career in the field. I grew up as a military dependent, traveling around the country and world with my family. I lived abroad in Japan for about 5 years of my life and have a passion for my full-time work in the field of International Education. 

I run 12 Paws with my partner, Matt, who helps me focus on being the ice cream lady. 


Get to Know Our Staff



Chief Security Officer

Pickles has been part of our 12 Paws Ice Cream family since 2017. Since then, she's made sure our products have been protected with her state of the art barkology security system. Good luck getting past her pit bull wiggle alarm, too!



Head of Communications

If Pimento wasn’t our Head of Communications, 12 Paws Ice Cream would be a very different place altogether. He really has a gift for making his opinions heard, loud and clear. He sleeps in our photo lightbox to make sure we're marketing our products like the pros.



Quality Control

Olive grew up wanting to be a pastry chef, with a true passion for making biscuits. As our Quality Control Inspector, Olive ensures we practice our attention to detail by paying attention to her-- and only her. The end result is a product you can truly trust.